Julie Matheson

Subiaco Councillor | Certified Financial Planner | WA Party Convenor

Meet Julie

2017 Perth Modern Campaign

Lives: in the house she restored.  It was previously owned by an icon from Subiaco’s past; the founder of CHOICE, Ruby Hutchison, who was also WA’s first female MLC.

Busy: talking with people, as a Certified Financial Planner ®,  a Subiaco councillor for 6 years, and founding member of the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY.

Outdoors: running in Kings park with her dog Trixie or swimming butterfly with the Beatty Park Masters.

Memories: growing up in Port Hedland, watching her Dad umpire footy and working with her late husband restoring Ruby Hutchison House.

Dreams of: finding local solutions for local issues.

Career: helping people secure the best balance of income and safety for their assets.

Proud of: leading the fight against the State Government usurping the right of local governments to plan their cities the way their communities want them to (Scrap the DAP campaign).

Awards:  Distinguished Service Award for services to the profession of Financial Planning, and the WA Local Government Merit Award for volunteer community services to the local government of Subiaco in 2016.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History, University of Western Australia, Diploma of Financial Planning, Deakin University, Certified Financial Planner.


Contact Julie Matheson m: 0409 294 495 | e: jcmatheson@bigpond.com | Facebook

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