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DAP 208-212 Bagot Road, Subiaco

Residents and ratepayers are putting in submissions and have this to say about this development application:




  • This development will cause this area to become a Traffic Oriented Disaster.
  • The building does not provide enough parking for those using the
  • the developers completely dismiss any heritage considerations
  • The design offers no special features and offers the city nothing except
  • A less cynical design would at least have shops at the ground floor
  • The current design, with an ugly and dangerous car park for two levels,
    aside from being totally out of character with every other building in Subiaco,
    must be rejected.
  • one of the COSTS which the architect left out is the cost of the 200 year EYESORE ugliness of the project which will afflict people for generations.
  • these sorts of Architects are consumed by concrete and walls and who reject nature and green
  • The development does not meet the Town Planning Scheme 4 ( TPS4) requirements for height, plot ratio, front, side and rear setbacks, car parking, landscaping, crossovers, scale and frontage.
  • The 5 storey height sets a precedent for Bagot Road, both East and West of Rokeby Road. East being predominately residential.
  • The bulk and scale of the proposed development is out of character with residential properties across the road, the ‘Church’ residential development, the Duplex Village shops, the Subiaco Community Centre and the Crossways retail stores.
  • Creates major overshadowing across Bagot Road due to its bulk, height and its 1 metre front setback.
  • Creates major overlooking issues for the residents in houses and apartments across the road with “the development facilitating passive surveillance of the surrounding public realm through large areas of glazing and balconies overlooking the street and public areas”.
  • It has NO retail in the development and therefore offers nothing to local residents or visitors to Subiaco.
  • Offers ‘dead space’ at ground/street level with token ‘display windows’.
  • The development contains 29 private car parking bays contained over two levels, accessed via Bagot Road. The car parking spaces are at ground and first level, therefore not meeting City’s preferred uses for ‘Town Centre’  i.e. retail at ground level, offices at 1st floor .
  • Does not utilise rear laneway access for parking therefore does not improve the overall Bagot Rd streetscape.
  • Does not meet Sub-Precinct 4a aim (Bagot Rd to Churchill Av) ‘secondary access’ from rear car park or laneway.
  • The development creates more traffic movements in Bagot Road  (minimum 146 daily movements).
  • Creates vehicular and pedestrian conflict by creating a busier crossover in an area that has a double crossover at the Crossway entrance (in an already congested area).
  • The increase in traffic movements at the car park ‘entry and exit’ is directly opposite the Subiaco Community Centre which is often frequented by the elderly, disabled and frail.
  • The development does not encourage retention of the heritage character of the area i.e. by reinforcing original development patterns or by the recycling of original building stock.
  • It requires Council approval for the demolition and amalgamation of two house lots (Lots 6 & 7).
  • Demolishes two heritage houses ( >100 yrs old & classified L2 & L3 on the Municipal Inventory). These houses are tangible reminders of Subiaco’s early architecture and history.  (e.g.  At 208 Bagot Rd lived Nurse Elizabeth Palmer, one of the First Registered Midwives in WA, gazetted 1913), while in 212 Bagot Rd lived Malcolm Donald McLeod, a WWI soldier killed in action, France, 1916. His name is on the Subiaco War Memorial.
  • The development has no ground level landscaping, screening or greening (but does show the removal of two very large healthy trees)!
  • There WILL be “overshadowing” of my property in
    winter when sun is desirable and this will negate any benefits of owning a
    north-facing property
  • Surely it would be more appropriate to restrict the height to three stories around the perimeter and rise to five stories in the city centre
  • the plans show 16.55 metres in height. This is over 4 metres more than the allowed height of buildings in this area.
  • asking the Council to ignore their regulations with regard to building height, plot ratio, setbacks and car parking…

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