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Council Amalgamation

Colin Barnett was on ABC 720 this morning promoting council amalgamation.

His first big pitch for amalgamation was economies of scale and a savings in rates.  He gave the example of Joondalup saving $300 in rates per year.  Bigger Councils save money.  But ABC listeners are smarter than that.  A caller reminded him that smaller mining companies are smarter at saving money and have less waste than big ones, and another caller from Geraldton said that rates went up 26% after amalgamation.  So who is Colin Barnett trying to fool that big Councils are better and cheaper?

His next claim was that Claremont, Cottesloe, Peppermint Grove and Mosman Park should merge to be a bigger Council.  A bigger council can have more of a say in the wider development of the greater metropolitan Perth.  Who is he trying to kid here?

Mayor Kevin Morgan rang in and gave an alternate to bigger councils.  His plan for local government is that they become regional subsidiaries of a wider a Metropolitan Perth Development Authority and have a say about Perth development for the 21st Century.  Of course Colin immediately said NO.  Obviously he does not want local government having a say in the future of Perth because he knows he will lose his power as Emperor or Dictator who gives tacit approval for developments preferred by big business.

Be careful of  “economies of scale”.  Big scale means a loss of power for grass-roots democracy.

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