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Legal scrutiny of the DAP

The Post, 10 November 2012, p. 1

One comment on “Legal scrutiny of the DAP

  1. Cr. Matheson
    November 17, 2012

    Residents have been emailing me about this site:

    “I am concerned once again that the DAP seems to be ignoring the requirements and wants of the local residents and just steaming ahead with their own agenda. The Council seems powerless to implement it’s own permits and policies.
    I realise that the building of a commercial property on the corner of Bagot Road and Railway Parade, Subiaco could be more lucrative for the developer than building apartments but I thought the Government was trying to increase the amount of people living near and around the city in order not to have to develop large amounts of land around the out-skirts of Perth and thus provide costly infrastructure. If the developer (Blackburn) and the govenment looked around the area they would realise that there is already an over supply of new and old commercial properties up for lease. Thus the future of this proposed oversized commercial property on the corner of Bagot Road and Railway Parade seems to go against previous concerns of the State Government planning and infrastucture and also doesn’t fit well with the local residents.

    Can you do anything about the DAP and their insistance to placate Developers and not the local residents?”

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