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Garden and Verge Awards

I was privileged to be part of the 2012 Sustainable Garden and Verge Awards here in the City of Subiaco.  There were 37 nominations received for entry into four categories – residential verge, residential garden, business and school.

The winners were:

Garden award winner – 36 Hopetoun Terrace, Shenton Park

This beautiful cottage garden includes a mix of native, water wise and edible plants.  The front garden contains a lush variety of vegetables in raised garden beds, together with English flowers and roses that provide perfume and attract bees. The garden is very fauna friendly with hollow logs placed in native garden areas, a bird bath and bird feeders and is a great use of a small space.

Verge award winner – 34 Axon Street, Subiaco

The winning verge garden has lots of flowering colour and different foliage colour.  There is a range of plant structures and heights, Grevilleas and Banksias to attract birds and other fauna. The verge includes great use of understory planting with shade tolerant native species. It is overall a great example of a very attractive and well maintained verge garden.

Garden award winner (schools) – Rosalie Primary School’s year five class

The winning school garden was from Rosalie Primary School’s year five class.  Each student has developed their own garden area and together this forms a wonderful garden around the demountable classroom. There are many edible elements including lettuce, tomatoes and herbs. There is a great range of flowers, which bring colour and beauty to the space. The children have brought in all the materials and plants themselves. The excitement of the gardeners and the enthusiasm with which they share their experiences in transforming the space is truly inspirational.

Garden award winner (business) – Byrneleigh Hotel

The winning business garden came from the Byrneleigh Hotel in Nedlands A wire arbour encloses the courtyard area supporting plants in pots as features with creeping vines planted to cover the arbour. The wire arbour element continues indoors, which was the first residence/business in the garden competition where the garden continues into the inside of the premises. This garden was a great showcase of incorporating landscape elements within a small space and for maximum benefit.

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