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DAP interferes with RAR

What is an RAR you might ask?

An RAR is an Responsible Authority Report which must be given to the DAP within a prescribed time frame.

Who is a Responsible Authority?

The Responsible Authority is the local government (made up of elected members) or a State Govt authority responsible for the enforcement of the observance of the Town Planning Scheme.

Who is the DAP?

The DAP is the Development Assessment Panel that has been set up by the Department of Planning in 2011 to assess development applications over $7million, and over $3million if the developer so chooses.  There are separate DAPs across the state which have 2 elected members representing the Responsible Authority (Council) where the development is located and 3 so-called experts appointed by the Minister for Planning (John Day).

Can DAP interfere with an RAR?

No. The DAP Regulations do provide for the CEO of the Department of Planning to set the format of a RAR (see Regulation 12(2)).  The current CEO is Mr Lumbsden.  The DAP Regulations do not mention that the CEO can direct any Responsible Authority as to the content of a RAR.  Therefore neither the CEO nor the DAP can interfere with the content of a RAR.  The DAP must take the report they get.

The Post has reported on the interference by the DAP:

RAR tampering

One comment on “DAP interferes with RAR

  1. james
    January 16, 2013

    Sounds like deliberate shenanigans here! I think you should be chasing down the exact process taken to put the DAP on the website and find out at what point it was abbreviated and on whose authority. The trail shouldn’t be too hard to follow.

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