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WA Election 2013 WALGA Issues

In the lead up to the State Election in March 2013, WA Local Govt Association (WALGA) has issued a list of local issues that the major parties are requested to prioritise (Western Councillor, Oct/Nov 2012, page 12):

  1. Container deposit legislation
  2. 100% Hypothecation waste levy – the full cost is being carried by ratepayers.  fund generated throught the Waste Avoidance Resource Recovery Levy are not being spent on direct waste management which raises $39million meant to assist local govt.
  3. Swan Canning priority plan – part of the Swan River wellbeing plan which is currently unfunded and requires $50million to implement
  4. Local government reform on a voluntary basis
  5. Underground power
  6. Crime prevention diversity officers
  7. Community sporting and recreation facilities funding (CSRFF)
  8. Libraries
  9. Pensioner discounts on waste charges
  10. Partnership agreement and consultation protocol
  11. Increased funding for local roads – grain freight priority plan
  12. Infrastructure services – small town sewerage, power and water
  13. Rural community policing

WALGA will be creating a website to highlight party responses and also provide all Mayors and Presidents with the opportunity to raise local issues in an uploaded video message.

A link will be placed on this blog as soon as it becomes available.

UPATE:  The WALGA link is now available here:  http://whatsinitforyou.asn.au/

One comment on “WA Election 2013 WALGA Issues

  1. Cr. Matheson
    January 23, 2013

    The results are out. Guess which political party gives unconditional support to the election issues raised by WALGA?

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