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Subiaco’s view on amalagamations

According to Tony Simpson, the new Minister for Local Government, “the Liberal Party does not support forced amalgamations”.  He issued a statement on 21 February 2013 about the Liberal Party’s position on amalgamations:

No forced amalgamations

No forced amalgamations

The City of Subiaco has also issued a statement on amalgamations.  It’s position is to retain its current locality and does not support forced amalgamations:

8 March 2013

8 March 2013

One comment on “Subiaco’s view on amalagamations

  1. James
    March 29, 2013

    If the State Liberal party thinks the existing Metropolitan councils should reduce from the current 30 to about 20, and they aren’t going to introduce legislation to make it happen, then why bother even thinking about it? I don’t imagine any council will ever volunteer to amalgamate in the metropolitan area. The bureaucrats would be worried about losing position and status, and the councillors numbers would reduce. That’s apart from any altruistic considerations about what may be best for ratepayers.

    But I really don’t see it as a State Government issue unless the council is financially insolvent or dysfunctional. The State Government should butt out.

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