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Former Subiaco Councillor | Certified Financial Planner | Western Australia Party Convenor

A great video on “density done well”

Originally posted on City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog:
Keynote speaker Brent Toderianis former head of planning in Vancouver and discussing the concept of “density done well” at…

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Local Govt Reform: Minister terrible at explaining next steps…

Originally posted on Canning Accountability:
English: commutative diagram of the amalgamation property (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Public Domain Seems the only place in town to get an idea on what’s happening with council…

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Pavilion markets plan

A motion put up by Councillor Paul Clements to investigate reopening the Pavilion markets as part of a development plan with a financial interest from Subiaco Council was given unanimous approval by … Continue reading

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Apologies for the funeral fine

I was dismayed to read in the Sunday Times that the driver of a hearse parked at a church funeral was fined for parking longer than the prescribed time in Subiaco. … Continue reading

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Stop playing it safe! Head of WA Local Govt Assoc thinks Councils should move on…

Originally posted on Canning Accountability:
Slap! (Photo credit: Vermin Inc) CC NC Share-Alike Flickr Troy Pickard is his name, and yes, he’s a Liberal supporter – but also Mayor of our…

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WALGA President

A keen supporter of local government sent me this email: For those who did not see the TV program last night, we were treated to a vigorous defence of Barnett’s … Continue reading

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Local Government Amalgamations- Dead Before They Start?

Originally posted on City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt's Blog:
For those of you interested in the future of local government in WA and whether there should be bigger…

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