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Pavilion markets plan

A motion put up by Councillor Paul Clements to investigate reopening the Pavilion markets as part of a development plan with a financial interest from Subiaco Council was given unanimous approval by elected members.

The closure of the markets in 2010 by the current owner has left a string of business closures in its wake.  The new office blocks on Roberts Road, Subiaco (near the markets) have done little to help retailers in the locality.  It is clear to many that markets attract shoppers and entertainment, not office blocks full of transient workers.

The Post, 20/4/13, p.3

The Post, 20/4/13, p.3

The owners of the site were granted approval for a development application and demolition permit in 2009 but did not go ahead with the project.  The application fell within the concessional framework of our town planning scheme No 4.

Ratepayers have advise me that the representatives of the site have refused any concepts offered by local business people for use of the location such as:

  1. Wall art display
  2. New markets
  3. Pop Up Retail

The owners continue to allow the facade of the building to be covered in wall posters, unpainted and left in a rundown condition.  Since this deterioration has occurred, the northern business area of Rokeby Road has suffered.

Architectural Design Students from UWA have a festive vision for the site.  In June 2012 they prepared some concept plans which focuses on “re-inventing ‘festivity’ in a new model of mixed use” using TPS4 as a guide.  They used precedents in forming their ideas from Bedok Court, Singapore; Berlin Voids; Streets in Copenhagen; Vancouver Formshift Competition; and Flea markets.

  1. The concept offered by the UWA Students included:
    1. retains the existing facade of the Pavilion Markets
    2. set back of four storeys with flexible residential spaces
    3. Communal Courtyards
    4. Communal gardens/green space
    5. Flexible interiors and external customisation
    6. private balconies
    7. intimate scale communal voids
    8. downtown vibrant street
    9. flea market zone and bazaar area
  2. Market type retail and mezzanines
  3. Street front for retail and business
  4. Community building
  5. Outdoor stage
  6. internal food and goodies stalls
  7. Partial underground parking suitable for ground contours

Further news about the markets can be found here:  http://www.oneperth.com.au/tag/shopping/


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