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“Fremantle Forever”: a call for community action on amalgamations

City of Fremantle Deputy Mayor's Blog

This Thursday at 5.30pm at Kulcha the Fremantle Council and the Fremantle Society would like to invite you to the first meeting to organise community action against the mega-merger with Fremantle, East Fremantle, Melville and parts of Canning.

This is a call to community action but it is not a simplistic no change, anti-amalgamations campaign. Instead we will be taking a more sophisticated approach:

Key principles as a starting point for discussion

  1. We must protect the democratic right of residents to have their say in the reform outcomes.
  2. The City of Fremantle (whilst being strongly and consistently supportive of local government reform and a logical expansion of boundaries for the City of Fremantle) is strongly opposed to the mega-council option proposed by the State Government.
  3. The new boundaries are illogical and will undermine Fremantle as a strategic activity centre and as a unique and special community.
  4. We will instead make…

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