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Amalgamation petition

A new blog and petition has been set up Subiaco resident Jeremy Mowe to spread the message on how the Premier plans to force amalgamation.

The Premier is using two simple threats:

  1. Remove the poll provisions (Dadour amendment) from the Local Government Act – the community will have no say on amalgamation
  2. Threaten each council with the sacking of elected members and the installation of his appointed commissioners if elected members don’t support his forced amalgamation plans.  No community say in this one either!

If you care about protecting ratepayers assets and revenue from a $100 million spend on what is just a big administration nightmare:
computers, software, name changing, map drawings, land titles,
policy, forms, address, phones, letterhead, logos, website, email, insurance,
filing systems, procedure manuals, archiving, employee agreements, signage, and
the list goes on. 

Support this blog and petition:

My Local Government, my decision

Government by ‘Big idea’

  • The WA State Government plans to reduce the number of councils in Perth 
  • The belief is that bigger is better and will result in better outcomes for electors. 
  • But, there isn’t much evidence to support this. 
  • It will cost lots of money and the State Government ISN’T going to pay. 
  • This leaves YOU and the sale of YOUR council assets to pay for this change.

Your rights – your power

  • There are laws which give you the right to vote on these changes.

You are about to have your rights removed 

  • The WA Government is planning to remove your rights and make it harder for you to stop this.

What can you do?

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