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The Dadour Group are asking all metropolitan residents and ratepayers to write to all State Govt politician seeking their commitment and support of the Dadour Amendment in its entirety. No change, No dilution and No suspension. Please write to them now.

Freo's View

A new Perth community group, the DADOUR Group, is fighting the planned removal by State Government of the Dadour Act from the Local Government act. The Dadour act gives communities the right to vote on and veto local council amalgamations. The Western Australian government is planning to force council mergers and reduce the number of them to only 14, which has seen an angry reaction from many councils.

Dadour Group convenor Malcolm Mummerytold 6PR radio this morning that the group sees the removal of the act as mini-treason.

In my opinion it is unacceptable that the government wants to erode our liberties. Local government reform and changes to the local government act need to be handled with extreme sensitivity, and should not be political grandstanding or government bullying!

If we don’t fight for our rights now we might not have the right to fight against other changes to…

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