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Amalgamation costs vs legal action

It would appear to be cheaper to challenge the State Government’s due process on mergers and amalgamations than to continuing to waste ratepayer’s money on second guessing what benefits there are in the Minister’s merger proposals, and time consuming submissions prepared by administration staff.

Subiaco Council has taken steps to find out more:

Council decides on legal action

Friday 6 June 2014






At a special council meeting on 5 June 2014, the City of Subiaco council voted to proceed with legal action intended to maintain Subiaco as an independent and sustainable local government.

The city has an estimate of costs associated with the legal action but it is unknown at this stage what the final bill will be.

Mayor Heather Henderson said she was pleased council has taken this stand: “Subiaco is a high performing and financially viable local government and we have a responsibility to our community to do everything we can to retain our independence.

“When you consider the costs associated with a forced merger against the cost of legal fees, there is no doubt that council’s decision to proceed with legal action was the right one.”

For more information about local government reform and how it affects the City of Subiaco, visit the local government reform page.





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