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Place management

On street parking for shoppers free of charge in Subiaco

Free on street parking for shoppers in Subiaco

Subiaco has a new Place Manager, Mr Matthew Gould.

Mr Gould is the former Economic Development Australia’s chief executive.

Mr Gould said many centres across Australia would want a streetscape like Rokeby Road, quirky laneways, parks in their town centre and an eclectic mix of shops and cafes.

“Subiaco is rich in history and rich in recognition of being a very attractive ‘come to’ destination,” he said. “What we’ve got to do now is marry all those things together to revitalise it in terms of energy and getting tourists and locals to come and experience Subi”.

Read more from Mr Gould’s interview here:  http://westernsuburbs.inmycommunity.com.au/news-and-views/local-news/Setting-sights-on-bright-future-for-Subiaco/7661067/

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