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Subiaco Pavilion Markets development deadline

Minister John Day has given his approval for the owner and developer, Mr Andrew Abercrombie, of the Pavilion Markets site to build up to 16 storeys through an amendment to the Subiaco Town Planning Scheme No. 4.

On 22 July 2014, Subiaco Council approved proposing an amendment to the Minister’s amendment requesting an expiry date to Scheme Amendment 18.

Minister Day will either accept Subiaco’s amendment to include an expiry date and therefore confirm that he is serious about his comments that Subiaco Council was too slow to act in approving suitable development on this site, OR his decision will look like a rescue package for the developer who paid $35.67million for the site in July 2007.

My reasons for moving the amendment for an expiry clause:

  1. The Minister claimed the basis for his decision was that Subiaco Council was too slow to act, not the developer.
  2. This Council was not slow to approve development on this site.  The owner/developer purchased the two sites in July 2007 and Council approved a five storey development with three levels of underground parking in April 2009 within a 21 month time frame.
  3. The developer did not carry out the approved development within the prescribed time frame of two years to April 2011.
  4. The decision to increase the height to 16 storeys can “sterilise” the site due to:
    1. Limiting the number of developers who have the financial resources to build such a development
    2. The current owner now has a financial incentive to sell the site with the Scheme Amendment in place and an unlimited time frame to develop the site
    3. The new owners may not wish to build the development proposal seen by the Minister which has informed his decision
  5. There are no conditions in the Minister’s Amendment which would encourage the development of the site within the next decade.
  6. The City has no mechanisms in this Scheme Amendment to prevent this site from undergoing further demolition by neglect, now for some seven years and counting.
The Post, 26 July 2014

The Post, 26 July 2014

The Post, 26 July 2014

The Post, 26 July 2014

2 comments on “Subiaco Pavilion Markets development deadline

  1. Colmery
    August 6, 2014

    The trouble with focus on a deadline is that it potentially distracts from the core issue, namely that State Government is dismantling Local Government. That matters because it reflects a problem that infects all politics, and, is most effectively addresses at the local level.

    Getting clarity in people’s minds about what matters most is critical. This is especially so when the community is largely disengaged from political processes because it is dangerous to fragment the few who are willing to engage.

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