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High quality design and brand

At last, something Minister John Day has said that I agree with… quality design in urban infill.

And DAP member Malcolm Mackay is upping the pressure too on new infill development… “people could generally understand the need for greater density but they could not understand the need for ugliness”.

Subiaco is identifiable by its features contained in its streetscape, built fabric and vista. These features become its brand, identifying and distinguishing this location from another.

A one bedroom unit on the third floor of a block of flats is not marketed for its size, it is presented in the context of brand.  This recent advertisement reads:

“I’m on top of the world! That’s exactly how you will feel in this bring (sic) cheerful unit on the third floor with great views of trees and chimney pots.”

The photos in the advertisement below show exactly what Subiaco’s brand is, even for a one bedroom unit.  People want to identify with the place they live and branding does it.

The brand of Subiaco resides in the hearts and minds of the residents and those who desire the location. A strong brand for the area is invaluable. It is the foundational piece in that enhances and protects a set of promises (planning policies) and expectations for the area (About.com Marketing, 2014). The brand also says this is the only one that can deliver on its promises.

Any new development without Subiaco’s branding will be forever disliked by the community and public evidence of broken promises.

The Post, 16 August 2014

The Post, 16 August 2014

Subiaco brand - trees and chimneys

Subiaco brand – trees and chimneys


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