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Kalamunda, Australia’s ugliest town centre?

be careful Subiaco, a nomination could happen to you!

The Worst of Perth

Update: This post has generated unprecedented bizarre comments from Kalamunda crackpots, including the best ever comment in the 91,000 made on this site, “I was clearly joking about writing a blog about my cat shitting…I have better things to do.”
But not a single person has actually disagreed with the point made, that is, Kalamunda’s built environment is a disgrace and a disaster.”

With Snuff still tantric training, I thought I’d take a close survey of Kalamunda town centre this Saturday. I know it is regarded by many as Western Australia’s ugliest town centre – even Dunsborough can’t match the decades of ill chosen building approvals, but is it Australia’s? And furthermore, who is to blame for the unrelenting shite that is Kalamunda town centre? There is not a single building in the main street that anyone would object to being demolished. Worse, there’s nobody actually calling for a…

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This entry was posted on September 8, 2014 by in Planning, Town Centre.
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