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Density, sprawl and Perth’s future

Vibrancy anyone? Discuss.

City of Fremantle Deputy Mayor's Blog

The Sunday Times and Perth Now have been running an impressive series on the future of Perth and the challenge of a sprawling metro area.

In response to week one which talked of a new blueprint for a more compact Perth (http://www.perthnow.com.au/news/special-features/future-perth-blueprint-for-a-compact-capital/story-fnmx16d1-1227083773777) I conveyed to the journo Peter Law my concern that a new Perth blueprint without more substantial incentives and penalties (or carrots and sticks) was not going to enable better urban infill to happen. Just having targets is clearly not enough unless you are going to actually do something to make them happen. Directions 2031 has had a 47% target for years and infill has tracked well below this (28 odd%) with no ramifications for anyone.

When a Council like Fremantle embarks on greater densities be at in the CBD or Stirling Hwy North Freo there is little support from anyone at a state level and…

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