Julie Matheson

CFP Business Specialist | Local Government Expert | Political Adviser

Member for Nedlands… We want a Poll

Dear Mr Marmion,


The Premier and the Minister for Local Government have announced the abolition of the City of Subiaco and other Councils.

We are seeking your support to ask for a poll for residents in all affected Councils.

We need just ONE more WA Liberal member of parliament to publically call for a poll for all affected Councils to give justice to the Premier’s reform process. 

Minister John Day supports a poll for the residents of Kalamunda.  Mr Rob Johnson, MLA of Hillarys also supports a poll.  Minster Terry Redman and the NationalsWA support a poll.  It would be unfair to have justice in one Council area and not the others.

We appeal to your liberal sense of justice to call for a poll for all affected Councils.

Your most URGENT attention is required to make a public announcement to call for a poll in the next TWO days.

The Post 1 Nov 2014, p. 2

The Post 1 Nov 2014, p. 2

We note you think it will be of great benefit for Subiaco, so there would be nothing to fear asking for a Poll for all affected Councils.

I look forward to your reply on this URGENT matter. 

Kind regards

Cr Julie Matheson

East Ward, Subiaco Council

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