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Legislative Council Review of the DAP 2015


The Standing Committee on Uniform Legislation and Statutes Review has commenced an inquiry into the Planning and Development (Development Assessment Panels, DAP) Regulations 2011 (the Regulations).  The Committee will report back to the Legislative Council by 14 May 2015.

YOU can make a submission about how these Regulations have operated since being introduced.  Submissions can also include SUGGESTIONS for AMENDMENTS to the Regulations and reasons for the suggested amendments.

YOU might also want to APPEAR before the Committee at a hearing.  If you like to appear at a hearing, please make this request in your submission.

Submissions are due before 4pm on Friday 30 January 2015.  See here for more information:  DAP review 2015

Email submissions to:  unileg@parliament.wa.gov.au

Copy to:  kate.doust@mp.wa.gov.au; brian.ellis@mp.wa.gov.au; mark.lewis@mp.wa.gov.au; amber.jade.sanderson@mp.wa.gov.au

Here is the basis for my submission:

  1. Since 2011, the DAP have approved six developments in secret (Subiaco, Midland, East Pilbara, Melville, West Leederville, Joondalup).
  2. The unelected DAP panel members ignore the recommendations in the local government’s Responsible Authority Report and approve the development anyway using their majority vote 3 vs 2.
  3. DAP ignore their own Standing Orders 5.5 to put alternate motions in writing.   Instead the public are ambushed with alternative motions and amendments during a meeting, and are unable to challenge them.
  4. The public can never scrutinise whether the DAP comply with Standing Order 3.3 review the report and material contained in an RAR, especially when alternative motions and amendments are announced at the meeting with no written notice.
  5. The DAP negotiate changes to development applications in secret SAT mediations,  then call a public meeting to approve them without public consultation.
  6. The DAP have unfettered use of the discretionary clause in a Local Planning Scheme without any public scrutiny or justification of their decision.
  7. The DAP have approved four office blocks in Subiaco without any residential component, ignoring Directions 2031 housing density targets.

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