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A Celebration. We won!

On 13 March 2015, the long awaited Orders revoked notice from the Governor were published completing a win for local communities in the Perth Metropolitan area.  This meant local governments are not going to be abolished without a vote, and boundary adjustments which made some 3000 residents homeless would not go ahead as promised by Premier Barnett and Minister Simpson.

Governor's Orders revoked on 13 March 2015.

Governor’s Orders revoked on 13 March 2015.

Subiaco Council lead by Mayor Heather Henderson voted to hold a celebration in Subiaco to mark the occasion.  Community groups opposed to the #Councilcull were all invited to an event at The Palms Community Centre on Sunday 19 April 2015.

All were welcomed by Mayor Heather Henderson and MC by Cr Julie Matheson.  Major Henderson noted the derby being played at Subiaco Oval but this occasion ranked much higher.

An extract of Dadour history was read from Ken Spillman’s book History of Subiaco.  “In 1971, Subiaco Council’s youngest councillor Tom Dadour with 4 years experience was elected to WA Parliament.

He was described as energetic, often belligerent and unyielding.

He made a vitriolic speech to the Legislative Assembly in March 1973 condemning the handling of local government affairs and calling for amendment to the LG Act that boundary changes should only be made after a poll of residents.

With his local government contacts he embarrassed the Government by reading a letter from 1969 where East Fremantle and Subiaco’s town clerks addressed John Tonkin’s support for a Bill making it compulsory for referendum before any council amalgamations.

In 1974 the new Premier Sir Charles Court was elected, and by early 1975 the Local Govt Act was amended to include the Dadour Bill

On 6 March 1976, the first poll was initiated by Subiaco Council for the retention of the “corridor” area from the northernmost end of winthrop Ave to Pelican Point. Nedlands Council had proposed a boundary adjustment to “tidy up the boundaries”.

The result 60% voted, with overwhelmingly 94.4% voting to remain with Subiaco.

The Dadour Poll is significant, because “In the past, boundary changes were at the prerogative of the Minister becoming a political football with regard only for vote-catching possibilities.” Ref. Subiaco’s Town clerk James McGeough, 1976.”

Each community group were invited to give a three minute statement on some of the key initiatives taken to mobilise opposition against the #Councilcull.

This next group of speakers are just as feisty as Tom Dadour, and the government ought to take notice when abolishing our local governments or making boundary adjustments without a poll.

  1. Western Suburbs Alliance – Colin Latchem
  2. Councils for Democracy – Mayor Ron Norris
  3. South Perth – Cecilia Brooke
  4. Vincent – Ian Ker
  5. Cockburn – Alan Stewart
  6. Kalamunda – Alan Malcolm
  7. Cottesloe – Greg Boland
  8. East Fremantle – Bruce Seligmann
  9. Communities Action Alliance – Jackie Dines
  10. Council Cull timeline – Jeremy Mowe

After loud cheers and a round of applause, Ken Eastman called on the groups to continue the cause and defend the areas affected by the proposed City of Perth Act.  Petitions were signed and handed out to collect more signatures.

The Post Newspapers captured the event in their latest edition:

The Post, 25 April 2015, p. 15

The Post, 25 April 2015, p. 15

A montage of photos taken by Ike captured the attendance and the spirit of the event:

Photos by Ike, 19 April 2015

Photos by Ike, 19 April 2015

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