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Capital City Citizens’ Committee is formed

Kings Park and Perth City

Kings Park and Perth City

This afternoon Mr Ian Ker will do a presentation at Curtin Corner at 4pm on UNDERSTANDING FAILED REFORM AND IMPROVING THE FUTURE OF OUR CAPITAL CITY.

In addition to reviewing the failed 2-year process of local government so-called reform, Ian will talk about the proposed City of Perth Bill currently before the Parliament.

Amongst other things, the City of Perth Bill proposes a ‘City of Perth Committee’  which proposes no minister for planning or transport, which are significant portfolios to the development of Perth City, to be included on the committee.  Instead the Minister for Local Government is proposed, and for what purpose one might ask?

Concerned citizens of the Perth metropolitan area have today, after careful consideration of the proposed legislation, established a Capital City Citizens’ Committee (CCCC) to promote genuine reform that would enhance the City of Perth as WA’s Capital City.

The Committee’s view is that the City of Perth Bill is fatally flawed and would be a missed opportunity to improve the governance, planning and development of WA’s Capital City. The CCCC will be formally documenting their concerns and proposals for true reform in the coming weeks.

For further information, contact Mr Ian Ker, Chair of the Capital City Citizens’ Committee (CCCC) by email ian_ker@hotmail.com or phone 9328 8978.

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