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The future: Bulldozing, road making and cement pouring?

This is a great piece of commentary by Leisha Jack, @LeishaJack, Public Spaces WA.

The State Government, especially Barnett are developers posing as politicians, in my opinion. 

Smart countries focus mainly on exporting goods and services, dumb countries focus on growing their populations to fuel property construction which is an unsustainable and destructive quick fix, that creates short term jobs, mainly benefiting developers  It is a pathetic excuse for an economy. It is just keeping us ticking over.

This is all one giant fire sale of land and a population property Ponzi scheme, by developers and a crony Government that do not any innovative or progressive ideas to help build a sustainable economy. They must slow immigration until they have sorted out transport and other infrastructure issues.

Everyone time one of these poorly placed, poorly constructed, hegemonic buildings goes up, Perth’s liveability score goes down.   That means less tourists, less foreign students and less companies that will want to set up here, because the brightest talent will prefer to live in ‘Smart Cities’, that are leafy, with good walkablitity, public transport and access to natural environments, like Vancouver and Seattle.

These buildings are not “fantastic”, they are mostly hegemonic crap and also dangerous.  They will be falling apart in 15 years time.  Most of subcontracting companies that built will have disappeared, by the time the problems start.

Economists and business leaders are warning  that  we must reduce our dependence on the  resources and housing sectors.  They say we must become more innovative and focus on exporting a more diverse range of goods and services and promote our natural assets,

Tourism and Student Education have been identified in the top five areas of potential services export growth for Australia and Western Australia, see  Deloitte  –  Positioning for prosperity? Catching the next wave .

Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.   We should be thinking along these lines Cape Peron Coastal Park an economic imperative for Rockingham and WA .

I went down to Mandurah and Coogee for a drive around all of the canals, all, especially the ones with high-rise apartments are zombie suburbs, the housing ones are half finished  after years. 

This whole foreign property investment circus, comes down to a desperate Government that have failed to listen to warnings and have no ideas for a sustainable economic future.  All they know is bulldozing, road making and cement pouring.  As Maslow said, “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.”

This whole “hipster, groovy high-rise, exciting, sustainable” nonsense is nauseating developer spin.  There is nothing sustainable about letting the wealthy and  foreign investors hide their money in apartment blocks and wreck our amenity.  There was nothing remotely interesting about the Dolphin Quay high-rise development.  Yesterday a public holiday, there was no one around, it looked like 4 out of 5 apartments were empty?  A zombie suburb.

Please spare me the argument that high-rise will stop urban sprawl.  It won’t.   As inner city prices rise, families will be forced out to the fringes as they have in Melbourne and Sydney. 

Between Barnett with his lack of public transport and bulldozers and the Reclaim Australia thugs who scare off tourists, Perth will be left with few economic options.

FYI, I believe there will be a forum coming soon about the known relationship between high-density living and human health.  I will let you know when I hear more.

Cheers Leisha

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