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#Subiaco Oval’s future?

As a WA Cricket Association (WACA) member I was shocked to hear that the State Government would not support funding for the WACA unless it downsized and never hold a test match with Australia vs England again after 2018 (Sell Subi Oval for Cricket, Post, 5 September 2015). 

The WACA is being held to ransom to further the Premier’s ambitions.  The WACA needs money to do up the cricket ground but Subiaco Oval needs money spent too.  The Premier’s work involves luring all football away from the home of football, Subiaco Oval, the WAFC to break it’s 99 year lease with Subiaco Council by relocating to the WACA, and the sell off Subiaco Oval for blocks of flats and offices.

The ransom will be paid when all playing surfaces that compete with the shiny new stadium at Burswood are eliminated.  Subiaco Oval must be demolished, and the WACA ground must downsize from 20,000 to 15,000 seating venue.

It beggars belief that the WACA would propose spending $200 million to downsize its cricket ground and then have cricket played at the shiny new stadium  which is widely accepted will be a loss making venue if the crowd size is less than 40,000?

The ransom will not be paid if the WA Football Commission does not break its lease with Subiaco Council, and the Premier knows it.   The WAFC are holding all the cards.

The Eagles and the Dockers have not signed up to play at the shiny new stadium, and why should they when this WACA deal is going to be the nail in the coffin for WA football.  Subiaco Oval generates $15 million a year for WA grassroots football.  Moving to the WACA will be a cost burden, and the shiny new stadium is an even bigger one.

So I wonder who will capitulate first, the WACA or WA Football Commission?

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