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Pavilion Markets site #Subiaco

It’s been a while since community vented its outrage on the closure of the Pavilion markets in 2009.

Since then the owner, Mr Abercrombie of Subigate, has approached the Minister for Planning seeking an amendment to Subiaco’s town planning scheme (the rules) for the 16 storey tower.   Within a matter of months, the rules were ignored by the minister and the owner got approval.  I convinced my fellow councillors to ask for a deadline but the Minister refused, permitting the start of the development to commence in up to four year’s time in 2019.

The owner has recently obtained approval from the DAP for a $120million development at the Pavilion Markets site.  Subiaco Council  recommended some conditions to help affected neighbours, businesses and visitors to Subiaco to have access to parking and protection of heritage buildings while the tower is being built.

Last month the DAP approved most of the recommended conditions, so hopefully the demolition of the Pavilion Markets will commence soon, and not in 2019.

Let’s hope the owner proves the rumours to be wrong, that nothing will be built without support from Chinese investors.  If true, will the tower just be another block of rental flats?

Meanwhile the site is suffering from demolition by neglect and is a disappointment to the community.

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