Julie Matheson

CFP Business Specialist | Local Government Expert | Community Advocate


20190629 Matheson knows her stuff, Glynn Moore

Glynn Moore of Moore Personnel Recruitment, Subiaco

Throughout the past four years or so of community opposition to forced amalgamations, undemocratic state planning policies and decisions, the erosion of electors’ rights and stealthy Federal and State cost-shifting to ratepayers, Julie Matheson has been an outstanding advocate for local democracy in general and Subiaco in particular. She draws on a strong professional background, is acutely attuned to electors’ concerns, and always applies her advocacy skills to good effect. The City of Subiaco will certainly benefit from her continuing service on the Council benches. Colin Latchem (Chair) and Ken Eastwood (Vice-Chair) Western Suburbs Alliance

2019 Oct 19 Gill Anderson Roberts Road Subiaco JM letter

In my view the retirement of Julie Matheson who I relied on to act for East Ward is a loss, Gill Anderson, Roberts Road, Subiaco


Approval for our small business expansion had been rejected by council. Julie saw what was needed and recommended a management reporting system which we use to support the expansion of our small business on Rokeby Road. Julie cares about small business. Murray Gill, Juanita’s Wine Bar on Rokeby Road, Subiaco

Cr Matheson is a strong advocate for Subiaco’s charm and character. She is a staunch supporter in helping East Ward and other residents maintain Subiaco’s character streetscapes Julie’s outstanding commitment is a matter of record. So that she can continue to work on our behalf to protect the streetscapes that we value please Vote Julie Matheson 1.  Brian and Maxine Prentice, Rawson Street, Subiaco

20190318 The Guildford Association event, JM

Subiaco Cr Julie Matheson who supported Bellevue locals pushing for better planning on the Darling Range Hotel, Cr Ian Johnson

My application for a new coffee shop on Hay Street was stalled at council for months. Julie came to my business and saw what I needed. With Julie’s support at Subiaco Council, I’m now open for business and looking to expand. Andrea Sezzi, Café Murano on Hay Street, Subiaco

Cafe Murano on Hay Street, Subiaco

Andrea Sezzi, Cafe Murano 391 Hay Street, Subiaco

Cr Julie Matheson has been a willing listener and active participant in dealing with the challenges facing East ward residents and businesses and in particular in Catherine Street. Her commitment to the aspirations expressed in Think2030 (including the preservation of built heritage) and the city’s plan to increase residential in the town centre have been displayed when dealing with issues arising in relation to land use in the East ward and throughout the city. The glut of office space now evident in Perth and West Perth is a testament to her foresight in calling for mixed use buildings in Subiaco rather than all office.

Julie is easily contactable and willing to consider views expressed to her. She has supported initiatives to improve residential amenity in mixed commercial/residential areas such as the provision of dedicated resident parking in Catherine Street and the reduction of early morning noise in the town centre. Julie has demonstrated her commitment to due process in calling for and achieving changes to how the city deals with development assessment panel applications.  Angela Hamersley, Catherine St, Subiaco.

The Post, 3 Oct 2015

The Post, 3 Oct 2015

“Thanks Julie for your commitment in helping us work toward preventing inappropriate developments in our and other residential areas of Subiaco. Your support for maintaining the amenity of our neighbourhood is very encouraging. It is refreshing to deal with an elected representative who is passionate about the city and above all is responsive and accessible”.  Howard and Beth Croxan, Park Street, Subiaco

Jackie Dines, Coordinator of Communities Action Alliance.

Jackie Dines, Coordinator of Communities Action Alliance.


Mayor Sue Doherty, City of South Perth.

Mayor Sue Doherty, City of South Perth.

Authorised by Julie Matheson, Ruby Hutchison House, Subiaco

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