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It’s time to zhoosh up Crossways #Subiaco

It was a pleasure to meet with the strata owners of Crossways shopping centre last week at their Annual General Meeting.

I live just up Bagot Road, so Crossways is my local. I’ve been shopping at Crossways ever since I moved to Subiaco some 13 years ago. In many ways Crossways is like an old friend to me. And it is like that for many Subi people I know.

Crossways is part of the fabric of our village. We all know the storekeepers and their staff – many of them have become friends. We see our neighbours here every day. Crossway has a warmth that makes it very much a place with a soul.

Time marches on however and Subiaco is projected to have a much larger and more diverse population in the future (ref. Subiaco Central Development Plan). While I love Crossways, I’m here to challenge the owners of this iconic site to take advantage of the opportunity a bigger Subiaco is going to present the owners with.

I realise that any redevelopment of a strata property is not easy – but my challenge to Crossways owners is to find a way of working together to give Subi a bigger, brighter, better Crossways.

This site is crying out for a sympathetic SUBI-STYLE redevelopment with a bigger shopping mall, better parking, maybe some commercial and even some apartments. Crossways has a massive opportunity.

As your local councillor I would be most interested to look positively at any proposal or idea that improves this amenity for the benefit of everyone in Subi.

Crossways is a civic node for Subiaco. The Post, 3 Oct 2015, p.77

Crossways is a civic node for Subiaco. The Post, 3 Oct 2015, p.77

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