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Subiaco rejects the City of Perth Bill

Subiaco Council voted unanimously to reject the City of Perth Bill and let all parliamentarians know how we feel about it.

I expressed my views on the Bill as follows:

The City of Perth Bill currently before parliament is poorly drafted, and no amount of tinkering or amending will make it worthwhile to the people of Western Australia.  The Bill should be defeated in its entirety.

The government has put no business case for the expansion of the City of Perth boundaries.  Instead of improving powers to deliver a great capital city, the Bill proposes a Committee to make decisions without any planning or transport portfolios and be unaccountable to the Parliament, Perth City Council and the community.

Why does the Perth City Council need to control Kings Park other than to create pressure for inappropriate development, especially from the additional powers given to the Executive Director of Public Health (Clauses 29 and 30).  These powers will come in handy to build medical suites, parking and short-stay accommodation in Kings Park bushland adjacent to the hospital.

Perth City Council has repeatedly said it doesn’t want residential areas, yet the Bill proposes the theft of 2,345 residents from Subiaco Council without a poll.

All affected councils including the Perth City Council deserve better treatment than what is proposed in this Bill.  It should be tossed to the scrap heap, and a new Perth Capital City Act drawn up to deliver us a great capital city for the people of Western Australia.

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