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Premier Barnett claims Subiaco residents are not interested…

The City of Perth Bill 2015 is currently being debated in parliament and Mr Barnett claims the residents who are to be excised from Subiaco “are not interested” otherwise they would be voting in the local government elections.

Mr Barnett made a similar claim that residents didn’t care about forced amalgamations too.  He underestimated the residents from South Perth and other councils who were given a dadour poll at his choice.   They voted overwhelming to remain in their local government which unravelled Mr Barnett’s plans to cull councils this year.

If Mr Barnett really believes the residents from Subiaco are not interested in staying with Subiaco Council, then give them a poll.  It’s the proper thing to do.

The Nationals WA support a poll for affected residents.  Why doesn’t the member for Nedlands, Bill Marmion, insist on a poll for his electorate, or is he just doing the Premier’s bidding?

City of Perth Bill 2015, Hansard, 14 October 2015

City of Perth Bill 2015, Hansard, 14 October 2015

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