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People Power – the political solution

In the March 2013 election, Premier Barnett’s Liberal government won a decisive majority in the state poll, marginalising the Nationals (ref. Crikey.com.au, 11 March 2013).  It was a blow for communities campaigning against forced council amalgamations.

The decisive win was treated as somewhat of a mandate to reduce Perth metropolitan councils and commence some of Western Australia’s controversial projects.

Since then a lot has changed.

The Premier underestimated the people power of Western Australia.  They have found their voice as a political solution against a majority government with stunning results:

  1. Pay rise campaign for Nurses – Barnett backflip February 2013
  2. Removal of solar panel tariff – Barnett backflip August 2013
  3. Shark cull – backdown October 2014
  4. Reduce metropolitan councils from 30 to 16 – run up the white flag February 2015
  5. Closure of WA remote communities –  back down May 2015
  6. Perth Freight Link second section to Fremantle – shelved November 2015

Now with a few wins under their belt, people power are rallying together to force a political solution for these projects:

and much more.

Don’t feel disheartened that nothing will change.  Be part of the people power movement for political solutions.  Join a campaign or start one.

Cottesloe Beach rally against shark cull

Cottesloe Beach rally against shark cull

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