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Subiaco Resident Parking Permits

Parking is a hot issue in Subiaco, after community markets.

In December last year Subiaco Field Services Team wrote to residents offering one visitor parking permit instead of the usual two permits.

Resident outrage was instant.  At the Annual Electors Meeting on 8 December, the following motion was put, and supported unanimously:

That Council:

Rescinds its decision to reduce the number of residents parking permits from two permits to one permit and reverts to two permits per qualifying resident.

Unfortunately, an Officer Recommendation is before Council on Tuesday 19 January which seeks to change the motion from issuing two parking permits, to seeking another report on a draft policy regarding the management of Residential and Visitor Parking Permits in February 2016.

I will be putting up an alternate motion to the Officer Recommendation in support of the residents’ Motion as quoted in Social Media recently:

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Western Suburbs Weekly, 13 January 2016.

Please come to the Council Meeting on 19 January at 5.30pm and make a statement about this issue.

Here’s what some residents have written to me:

I have cc you in an earlier email regarding the reduction in parking permits allocated to residents.  I am seeking your support in overturning this highhanded policy and the way in which residents have been informed about the reduction in parking permits.

I am very annoyed at the pomposity of the staff notes to residents and the failure of staff to recognise that council staff are the public servants of residents not the other way around.  FROM AXON STREET

I have just received my parking permit for 2016 with a letter included indicating that visitor parking has been restricted to one permit per person.

 I find this to be a joke and in fact punishing rate payers like myself (I have lived in Subiaco since 1993 and owned my current home since 1995). Certainly where I live, I cannot get street parking for visitors or tradesmen as other vehicles (without permits and often from Samsung on Bagot/Thomas Road or local/City workers) are parked there from roughly 0800-1700 every working day. FROM BARKER ROAD.

I am absolutely amazed at the move by council to reduce visitor parking permits from two per household to one.

The reasons given are somewhat thin in their logic and in my opinion are a poor reaction to a problem created by council’s consistent approval of additional development or approval of changes to land usage. These changes seem to happen with little or no planning for associated parking issues. FROM YORK STREET

I’ve just returned from a trip to be served the single guest parking permit news. NAME in field services delighted in lecturing me that my cleaning lady is an abuse of the existing permit and there’s no way we can have a second. FROM KINGS ROAD


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