Julie Matheson

Former Subiaco Councillor | Certified Financial Planner | Western Australia Party Convenor

#LoveSubi Verandahs

The City of Subiaco is one of the oldest local government areas of Perth.  One of the prominent features of Subiaco homes is the verandah. The verandah has a dual role in … Continue reading

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A little fair play

Originally posted on Dodgy Perth:
Quairading School. Image shamelessly lifted from State Heritage Office site. Depressing news that the heritage-listed Quairading School burnt down last night. As a piece of…

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City of Perth Bill before Parliament today

The future of the City of Subiaco hangs by a thread today.  The Legislative Council have formed a committee to do a Second Reading of the Bill, clause by clause. … Continue reading

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#WAfooty pays $1 per year

The Premier has created a WA Football crisis by appointing a NSW company to manage the shiny new stadium instead of WA Football Commission.  WA football profits will be sent … Continue reading

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Thank you Rhonda, #Subiaco

Thank you Rhonda for your letter to the Post Newspapers last weekend. Subiaco Council still has much to do, with a budget of $1million to spend on the Town Centre … Continue reading

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Promises, Promises Minister Simpson

Minister Simpson wrote a letter to the Post Newspapers with promises to Subiaco Council, and residents of the South Ward. The City of Perth legislation has bipartisan support. There will … Continue reading

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#WAFooty financial mess

The Premier has announced Sydney based Stadium Australia Group Ltd as the new operator of Perth Stadium, yet yesterday Western Australia received another credit rating downgrade. I would love to … Continue reading

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