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#WAFooty financial mess

The Premier has announced Sydney based Stadium Australia Group Ltd as the new operator of Perth Stadium, yet yesterday Western Australia received another credit rating downgrade.

I would love to ask the Premier why he is sending WA football money to the Eastern States to prop up their economy, when WA needs it more.

Why would the Premier argue for a bigger slice of the GST when he is giving money away by awarding the stadium contract to a NSW-based firm?

Subiaco Oval generates $15million a year for WA Football, yet we will miss out on this much needed injection of funds to the state economy at a time when mining is waning.

Surely, tourism and sport can be good earners for us while mining is reduced?

I am concerned that the Stadium Australia Group were bailed out by the ANZ bank in 2006, and I wonder about their financial management.  Will they come looking for more from the Western Australian taxpayers?

If this decision proves disastrous for WA Football, then that loss of income will see WA taxpayers having to bail out football in the future.

Hasn’t this Premier caused enough suffering in the state, without making another financial-winning situation into a potential loss-making one?

WA Football Commission has more knowledge and commitment to the game to provide a great service at Perth Stadium, than any Eastern States company. Why ignore the state and the West Australian taxpayer? It’s offensive by a Premier who is supposed to support the state, not overlook it.

The financials just don’t stack up for Western Australia.  

This is an incredibly disappointing decision and also a fiscally inappropriate one.

2 comments on “#WAFooty financial mess

  1. Chris
    February 9, 2016

    This article makes no sense, the govt is responsible for all of WA and therefore needs to award the contract to the bid which is seen to deliver the best outcome to WA.

    If I am correct you are saying that we don’t award the bid to the best candidate we just find a local person and give it to them ? Hopefully your council has a better process than what you are advocating.

  2. Blog Admin
    February 17, 2016

    It makes no sense to embark on a $1.6billion spend without contracts in place to play football at the shiny new stadium. It makes no financial sense to start spending taxpayers money on propping up WA Football when for just $1 a year, WAFC makes $15million a year for footy from Subiaco Oval. The best candidate for WA Football is a renovated, expanded Subiaco Oval, with management rights costing WA footy just $1 per year.

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