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Councils with motions to #scraptheDAP

Open letter to all councils in Western Australia.

Dear Mayor and Councillors

Last year 2015, there was a parliamentary inquiry into the DAP system.  Of course the inquiry found in favour of the current system, despite more than 23 communities affected by non-complying and inappropriate development of their localities.

So to break the bi-partisan support for the DAP system, the City of Vincent lead by Mayor John Carey put a motion to the Council to support the abolition of the current DAP system.  Many councils have supported this action by supporting the same or similar motion.

Will you join us to move an in principle motion to abolish the current DAP system in favour of one which the community can support?

Can we add your council to the list below?:

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Town of Cambridge, Town of Mosman Park, City of Stirling, City of Vincent, City of Subiaco, City of South Perth, City of Nedlands, Town of Cottesloe.

We’ve had interest from:

City of Bayswater, City of Belmont, Town of Claremont, City of Swan

Please support this important State election issue.

Yours sincerely

Cr Julie Matheson

East Ward, City of Subiaco.

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