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Planning and Development Regulations

Planning and Development Regulations 2015 were introduced in August 2015 to help developers demolish single dwellings without planning approval, Part 9, Clause 61.

Clause 67 features a list of planning considerations which can help people affected by proposed developments.  Council planning staff and the DAP must have due regard to this clause..

Here are some of the most useful parts of Clause 67 to consider in your protests against outrageous developments:

  • (b) the requirements of orderly and proper planning including
    any proposed local planning scheme or amendment to this
    Scheme that has been advertised under the Planning and
    Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 or any other proposed planning instrument that the local government is seriously considering adopting or approving;
  • (d) any environmental protection policy approved under the
    Environmental Protection Act 1986 section 31(d);
  • (h) any structure plan, activity centre plan or local development
    plan that relates to the development;
  • (k) the built heritage conservation of any place that is of cultural
  • (l) the effect of the proposal on the cultural heritage significance
    of the area in which the development is located;
  • (m) the compatibility of the development with its setting
    including the relationship of the development to development
    on adjoining land or on other land in the locality including,
    but not limited to, the likely effect of the height, bulk, scale,
    orientation and appearance of the development;
  • (n) the amenity of the locality including the following —
    (i) environmental impacts of the development;
    (ii) the character of the locality;
    (iii) social impacts of the development;
  • (t) the amount of traffic likely to be generated by the
    development, particularly in relation to the capacity of the
    road system in the locality and the probable effect on traffic
    flow and safety;
  • (v) the potential loss of any community service or benefit
    resulting from the development other than potential loss that
    may result from economic competition between new and
    existing businesses;
  • (w) the history of the site where the development is to be located;
  • (x) the impact of the development on the community as a whole
    notwithstanding the impact of the development on particular
  • (y) any submissions received on the application;

A copy of the regulations can be found here:  Planning and Development Regulations 2015.

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