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New design criteria for Subiaco

Residents, if you are not happy with wall to wall development, ask your Council to change the design guidelines.

At the Subiaco Council meeting of 24 January 2017, Councillors Julie Matheson and Malcolm Mummery put up new design criteria for the Design Review Committee’s Terms of Reference.

This new criteria includes the following:

(a) Ensure the effect of the design does not impact on the cultural heritage significance of the area in which the development is located;

(b) Ensure purposeful compatibility of the design with its setting including the relationship of the development to development on adjoining land or on other land in the locality including, but not limited to, the likely effect of the height, bulk, scale, orientation and appearance of the development;

(c) The design must include a contribution to urban canopy of Subiaco;

(d) A recommended list of materials to be included in the design sympathetic to the character of the existing streetscape;

(e) The design must not dominate the locality of Access Roads and bring unnecessary traffic which will rely on street parking in the locality;

(f) The design should encourage users of the building to interact with the surrounding facilities (entertainment/retail/social), not be self-contained so there is no reason to leave the building except by car or travel to another destination.

These changes are compatible with Planning and Development Regulations 2015.

For more information see Subiaco Council Minutes

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