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Vote to reopen the Pavilion Markets

Your vote for Julie Matheson for Mayor is a vote to re-open the Pavilion Market site and rid Subiaco of Wilson Parking

How will this happen?

My election as Mayor will be a mandate from the electors to do a land swap with the current owner of Pavilion Markets, Mr Andrew Abercrombie.

Mr Abercrombie acquired the Pavilion Markets site with a cost base of $35,670,000 in 2007.  So far he has two building approvals, one in 2009 for 5 storeys and the second in 2014 for 16 storeys.   Nothing has been built, and Wilson Parking controls the site.

A land swap

My proposal to re-open permanent Markets is to do a land swap with a Council owned asset (The TAFE site, 133 Salvado Road, Subiaco).  If this is not done, the Pavilion Market site could be vacant for another 10 more years while the economy recovers.

A land swap means Council can spend a bit of money to reopen the markets, and rid Subiaco of Wilson Parking.

It’s a win-win for everyone.

  1. Permanent Markets for Subi and street activation of the site.
  2. Rid Subi of Wilson Parking.
  3. Mr Abercrombie has 8,580 sqm of land to redevelop for high density housing.

For further information on this land swap for markets, please call or email me:

m:  0409 294 495  | e: jcmatheson@bigpond.com

JM for Mayor working together for Subiaco

4 comments on “Vote to reopen the Pavilion Markets

  1. Dean
    October 2, 2017

    Hi Julie, I love the idea of the Pavilion Markets re-opening. However, the reason they closed ten years ago, were because the buildings needed significant and costly maintenance. Electrically, water, pipes, etc. Walking past today it is obvious white ants have infested the woodwork. The only option I see is to demolish and re-build. This will take more than “a bit of money”. How much Council/ratepayers money are you prepared to spend?

    • Julie Matheson for Mayor
      October 3, 2017

      Thank you for the question. Council has already approved $750,000 to spend on the site.

      • Dean
        October 7, 2017

        Will $750,000 be enough to demolish and re-build? If not, where will the rest of the money come from?

  2. Julie Matheson for Mayor
    October 7, 2017

    Hopefully complete demolition won’t be required, just some cosmetic work and fillers! Subi Council is flush with cash after selling the Jolimont property to Bunnings for $13million in April 2017. http://www.colliers.com.au/news/2017/bunnings-buys-perth-city-fringe-development-site/

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