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Election Memoire 2017

Congratulations to Penny Taylor, the new mayor of Subiaco.

Subi Councillors running for Mayor took votes away from each other.  The result none were elected even though I polled the most votes in two out of four wards.

Throwing $$$$$ at newspaper advertisements didn’t work. At least $40,000 was spent by one Councillor alone!

Penny plastered Subiaco with posters. Perhaps this was a winning formula for Central and South wards. I’d like to know if it was.  Or perhaps it was the power of God’s work as Penny writes here>>?

It was a privilege to work directly with charities, retirement villages, school parent groups, and protecting the rights of residents to enjoy their homes or run a business in Subiaco.

I appreciate the support I received from South Ward and look forward to the zhoosh up of Lake Jualbup and solving the parking issues caused by hospital staff and visitors, particularly when the Children’s Hospital opens!!!!!

Obviously I need to work much harder for Central Ward and will find out what needs to be done.

I received more votes for mayor in the East Ward (my ward) and North Ward than any mayoral candidate.  Thank you so much North Ward. There were two councillors running for Mayor and they didn’t out poll me either. Perhaps I would have received more votes to win if the North Ward councillors hadn’t run! Who knows? I will continue to look after retirees, residents, the Garden Suburb Movement and high density living in North Ward.

East Ward, thank you so much for your support. It’s been difficult for both business and residents finding the right balance of vibrancy to attract visitors and quiet enjoyment of your home. Building the new high school will commence in March 2018 along with the demolition of the Subi Oval, new high density, and making Roberts Road and Hay Street two way. I look forward to getting a great deal for Subi from the State Government.

While campaigning I took time out to:
* Get drains fixed which were causing flooding near resident’s homes.
* Raise $216 and received donations of towels and blankets for the Dogs Refuge Home.
* Raise money for St Vincent de Paul charity.
* Gained a win for St Ives residents at the Development Assessment Panel to get a better development outcome.
* Raise a petition to get a safe pedestrian crossing on Nicholson Road.
* Ensure bollards were installed at a cul de sac in Jolimont.
* Meet the Minister for Housing about anti social behaviour at the Wandana Flats.
* Promote SubiFit at Lords during the City to Surf.
* Attend Subiaco’s Citizenship Ceremony, and the unveiling of a new memorial to the women of the Great Irish Famine who came to Subiaco in the late 1800s.
* Meet with the Subi Men’s Shed to support their plans for a bigger workshop.
And so much more.

I wish to publically thank all those who supported my campaign, especially Shan Carberry, Russell Goodrick, Andrew Purser and Jeremy Mowe, and others behind the scene. THANK YOU!

And finally a big thank you to my Stephen. You are amazing!

The final result:

Final vote count for mayor north and East ward

Here’s some snapshots of the campaign for Mayor of Subi and promises made during the election campaign here>>>

One comment on “Election Memoire 2017

  1. Helen Potter Photography
    October 24, 2017

    Hi Julie, well done on all your hard work. You and Penny certainly deserve an award for your efforts in meeting and interacting with Subi residents. Please continue your good work as East Ward representative. It probably is a shame unlikely candidates split the vote but you still have a chance to continue.

    I have another urgent job for you.
    The city of Subiaco continues to misinform and NOT inform residents about major changes.
    Did you see the parking changes in East ward?
    Townshend Rd residents, who were going to loose all our residents access to parking on nights and the entire weekends, were not even notified. When we discovered it, we only had a week to protest.
    Someone had a bright idea that visitors are more important than residents.
    A reply from Michael at the City of Subiaco this morning states there may have been an error and our parking will not be changed. This is in direct conflict with the described changes. Would you mind please clarifying this for us?
    many thanks Helen

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