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Have your say – A new entertainment complex for Subiaco’s East End.

Subiaco planning department has received a new development application for a proposed food truck and entertainment complex at 263 Hay Street, Subiaco, for East Enders to consider.

The proposed development, to be known as THE YARD will provide a food truck complex, café, and licensed tavern and seating area.  On the weekends the site will transition to markets to service the “East Enders” of Subiaco.

The numbers:

Café 75, Café alfresco 50, licensed alfresco 150, General food dining 150, Food Trucks 6, Tavern 280, market stalls 23.

The Yard, Hay and Olive proposal2

An attached Transport Assessment Report and Operator Management Plan discusses the measures required to ensure the premises operates in a safe and responsible manner.

Here’s a copy of the proposal:  Hay and Olive Development Proposal – October 2017

Here’s a copy of the floor plan:  Hay and Olive Development Proposal Floor Plan – October 2017

So… what do you think?  Sometimes the weight of numbers decides the outcome!

I highly recommend you put in a “submission” about The Yard by email to Attention, The CEO city@subiaco.wa.gov.au and send me a copy jmatheson@subiaco.wa.gov.au

Please do this today, don’t delay!

Cr Julie Matheson, Subiaco



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