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Have you say! Pavilion Market site

Mr Abercrombie, owner of the Pavilion Market site, is seeking an extension of time to 25 February 2023 before commencing the 16 storey development in Subiaco.

An application has been sent to the DAP for approval.  The DAP have referred the matter to the planning department of Subiaco Council.  The staff have written a report to approve the extension of time without any conditions.

This application is to come before Council on Tuesday 14 November at 5.30pm.  If you would like to have a say at Council, please come to the meeting.

I have proposed the following condition be added to the DAP application (Responsible Authority Report):

b.    The applicant takes all reasonable steps to:

i.        make improvements to the site during the extension of time and before the development commences to protect the URBAN CHARACTER of the area essentially identified by open space, streetscape, land use and activity, State Planning Policy 3.5, clause 6.3.

ii.        encourage vibrant and diverse uses of the site to promote the area as the Town Centre of Subiaco (ref. TPS4, clause 53(b)) until the approved development commences.

iii.        revitalises this site known as the Pavilion Markets, a strategically important site within the Subiaco Town Centre (ref. TPS4, 54B(a)), until the approved development commences.

iv.        exercise those portions of the DAP Application approved on 4 September 2015 which permit partial or full demolition of the existing buildings which are required to take all reasonable steps to protect the URBAN CHARACTER of the area.


  • The site has two development approvals, one in July 2009 for 5 storeys and two levels of below ground parking, and the most recent DAP approval in September 2015 for 16 storeys residential/commercial development.
  • None of the approved developments have commenced.
  • The Council has been blamed for the lack of activation of the site.
  • Many business owners have suffered bankruptcy or closure of their business after the markets closed in 2009.
  • The Town Centre cannot continue to suffer from the ongoing dilapidation of the buildings, the loss of amenity, and neglect until 25 February 2023.

If you support my condition, please come along to the meeting, otherwise it could be lost by a majority vote!

Thank you.


7 comments on “Have you say! Pavilion Market site

  1. E/Prof. Linda Rogers
    November 12, 2017

    What rubbish. The site is a disaster. He should be fined for refusing to clear it up and for refusing to allow it to be used. He overpaid and has received expensive concessions. It is time to stop.

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  2. frank marshall
    November 12, 2017

    let him rot in hell…the place is an embarrassment, and subiaco council is equally useless for not getting on his back…no to the extension, and shame on council….two useless entities i say.

  3. Carolena Boyd and Peter Lawrance
    November 12, 2017

    This site needs to be re-developed or tidied up NOW! It is totally inappropriate to seek extension until 2023 for re-development without any conditions. We totally support your condition Julie

  4. Peter Melzer
    November 12, 2017

    Julie, your recommendations are good but non specific. I recommend the council to stipulate the demolition of all structures, clean up and planting of lawn where the buildings were. This includes the ex video hire shop.

  5. Katrina Bourne
    November 13, 2017

    Julie your suggestions are only suggestions. Mr Abercrombie should not be given the ‘extension of time’ if he is not going to clean the Old Market sight up and make it a usable area for the locals and visitors of Subiaco. The Council staff obviously don’t care enough about Subiaco if they are happy to recommend that the Old Market sight is to be left as is until Feb. 2023. How long has this dragged on for? How long is the Council prepared to let it continue to drag on?

  6. Sarah
    November 14, 2017

    I’m glad you’re on the case Julie. I live in sweet Leederville, so wrong Council. But sure would love to have my neighbour suburb thriving again.

  7. Lynelle Groom
    November 14, 2017

    Hi Julie

    So sorry to be travelling and missed this meeting but wanted to convey my support to you:
    *Instant revamp of area with grass, garden (to be maintained), pop up businesses etc until development.
    *2020 is long enough
    *16 storeys to 10 storeys plus at least two underground levels
    *Limit the number of apartments – Western Suburbs are drowning in them
    *Maximum consideration given to neighbours – particularly Catherine Street.

    Many thanks,

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