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Debate at Council Meetings

Some Subiaco residents in attendance at the last Subiaco Council meeting were surprised that Councillors who moved and seconded an Alternate Motion did not debate to the Motion.

I have received a few phone calls about this Motion asking why Councillors could move a motion and not speak to it.

The staff recommendation was to refuse a proposed two storey extention on Olive Grove, Shenton Park.  Councillor Nash had a Alternate Motion to approve the development. No councillors spoke on the motion, either for or against!

Under Mayor Heather Henderson’s control of meetings, all councillors were expected to say why they did or did not support a recommendation by staff or a motion by a councillor.

It seems the CEO has encouraged the new Mayor to use Part 6 of Subiaco Council’s Standing Orders, clause 6.3 Unopposed business which permits the Mayor to declare a motion carried without debate when the meeting is asked if any member opposes it, and no member speaks up to say they oppose the motion.  The use of this Standing Order caught Councillors by surprise, and to the surprise of the public in attendance.

In future Councillors will need to oppose an item of business to ensure there is some debate on council agenda items where the public have an interest.

Next Council Meeting is Tuesday 28 November 2017 at 5.30pm.



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