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Future of Subi Oval Reserve

Former Councillor, Paul Clements, is seeking more submissions to the MRA’s proposed development at Subi East which comprises Subiaco Oval, Kitchener Park, Subiaco Road, Mueller Park and Princess Margaret Hospital.  Protecting the green open space at the Subiaco Oval Reserve is a key element to any development.

Dear Residents

Work on the future of Subiaco Oval is moving at a fast pace. The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority is appointed to handle the redevelopment.

There is a huge amount of land in the extended precinct, basically coloured brown on the map below from the MRA’s redevelopment scheme.

MRA Subiaco Oval precinct

The Oval precinct, including Kitchener and Mueller Parks, was wisely set aside for recreation and ancillary purposes over 100 years ago. There is a danger that the amount of recreation space will be whittled away to a token amount with very limited utility.

The time to save sufficient space forever is now. The valuable green space should not be sacrificed for short term gain. Subiaco does not have a generous amount of public open space.

There are two documents released for public comment. The first is a set of policies. The second is the scheme, with a map, land uses vision etc. You can click on both of these below. You can open the policies, or just go straight to the comments section.

There will be future consultation, but I suggest comments now, with possible points :
1. There is a deficiency in provision for active open space catering for team sports etc. There is huge demonstrated demand for more sports, together with women’s sports.
2. Demand will increase in the future with population increases as development takes place in the precinct itself as well as many other development areas such as China Green, Subiaco Markets ,West Leederville, Princess Margaret Hospital, West Perth, TAFE Site, etc.
3. Buildings in the precinct should have adequate separation with public green spaces between to increase the desirability and amenity of the area. Sufficient public open spaces need to be retained that are functional for a wide range of public recreation activities, including as a minimum, active play areas, sufficient for children to play informal ball games.
4. The design of the area should be such that there is high density adjacent to the rail line, lower density around extensive green space.
5. The Scheme and Policies are all very non- specific which gives a huge amount of discretion to the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority when deciding development applications. Local council planning schemes include a lot more matters which are worded as non-discretionary and hence no appeal to the State Administrative Tribunal is possible. Consequently there should be a requirement for extensive consultation when proposals for the area are put forward.
6. Car parking for the school should be under croft/ basement to prevent having wasted land for car parking.
7. Green space contributes to the health, social, amenity and environmental benefits to the community.
8. Plans released prior to consultation are unhelpful.
1. SRA development policies https://www.mra.wa.gov.au/public-comments/subiaco-redevelopment-area-development-policies-1-10
2. Subiaco Redevelopment Scheme 2 https://www.mra.wa.gov.au/public-comments/subiaco-redevelopment-scheme-2

Thank you for your interest.

Signed Paul Clements, email paul.clements47@icloud.com

NOTE:  Subiaco Council has made a submission already with some amendments I made, supported by the Mayor and all councillors.  A copy can be found here in Minutes of Council dated 12 December 2017, pages 65 to 76.

One comment on “Future of Subi Oval Reserve

  1. jentay@iinet.net.au
    December 20, 2017

    Hi Julie, how is anyone meant to know which private land, if any is being acquired, by the MRA? The latest MRA documents do not appear to provide any insight on this issue, based on a skim read of the documents. If I am correct, that is unsatisfactory. Do you have any information about this? I have had correspondence with the MRA about this point, especially whether there is any intent to acquire land, including mine, to the east of Hamilton Street. FYI I will forward it to you shortly. RegardsLyn

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