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MOU over Subi Oval and Kitchener Park Reserve

It is no secret that a new high school for the Subiaco Oval precinct is the best outcome for retaining the history and cultural heritage of the area as a sporting space since 1908.

On 30 January 2018, in a secret meeting, Subiaco Councillors considered a Memorandum of Understanding over the future public reserve Lot no. 12732 known as Subiaco Oval and Kitchener Park.

The meeting was kept secret by just one vote!

Subi Oval Secret Meeting 30 January 2018

Five members of the public made statements to the meeting before it was closed to the public.  The Post Newspapers reported their statements on 3 February 2018:

Subi Oval Council loses control

Subi Oval Council loses control 2

In another newspaper, the Western Suburbs Weekly, reported a similar story yet seems to have information, not from me, discussed at the secret meeting:

WSW Subi Oval MOU

The entire news article can be read on line here: https://www.communitynews.com.au/western-suburbs-weekly/news/city-of-subiaco-agrees-mou-with-state-govt-over-subiaco-oval-and-kitchener-park/

What is not secret is the strong support for a “high” school, not a “low” school at Kitchener Park.  A high school building with height can accommodate more active sport space so badly needed in the Subiaco East Precinct.  Subiaco Oval has been locked up away from public access for many years to support Western Australian football.  That support is no longer required so it’s time to make the space a public sport space.

A report prepared by Cardno infrastructure specialists on Subiaco Future Sport Space Requirements dated 7 November 2016, recommends the City of Subiaco’s public Sport Space be increased from 7.81ha to 14.76ha by 2036 to cater for a growing population to 22,710 persons. This means that possibly all of Lot 12732 (8.07ha) is required for the high density living infill proposed by the State Government in Directions 2031 and Beyond for the City.

If the population doesn’t increase to the numbers predicted, less sport space will be required, or some of PMH could be allocated to sport space in exchange for sport space lost at Kitchener Park.

Subiaco Council have nominated me along with two other councillors to represent the City in developing the Reserve by the MRA.  I look forward to the appointment by the Minister for Planning.





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