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Third Party Appeal Rights for WA

Last week I made a personal submission to WA Local Government Association (WALGA) in support for the introduction of Third Party Appeal Rights in Western Australia.

Our state is the only state without rights for an affected third party to appeal a decision made by government departments such as WA Planning  Commission, the MRA, the  Development Assessment Panels, and elected council members or their planning staff.

A developer can appeal to the State Administrative Tribunal more than once, even four times, to have a decision made by council overturned.  Residents and businesses cannot appeal unless they go to the Supreme Court, costing thousands of dollars.

Significantly, Subiaco Council voted to hand over all powers over the redevelopment of Subiaco Oval/Kitchener Park reserve, Subiaco Road, Mueller Park and Princess Margaret Hospital to the MRA/Development WA without negotiating with the State Government for Third Party Appeal Rights to be legislated, another failed opportunity by Mayor Penny Taylor.

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority is a secretive organisation, making it’s planning decisions behind close doors.  Only political pressure can change the minds of the MRA committee members.  The WA Planning Commission operates the same way.

Third Party Appeal Rights is a natural deterrent for objectionable developments.  It would deter the MRA from approving a development which breaks the rules and causes a loss of amenity for affected neighbours.

If you support Third Party Appeal Rights in Western Australia, please contact me for more information.

Cr Julie Matheson, City of Subiaco

Appeal rights for neighbours 4

Appeal rights for neighbours

One comment on “Third Party Appeal Rights for WA

  1. Alex Gardner
    June 7, 2020

    I strongly support third party appeal rights. The current system is very unjust.
    Please add my name to the petition.

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