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Inner City College submission

The MRA are seeking public submissions on the proposed four storey Inner City College at Kitchener Park, Subiaco before 5 May 2018.

After speaking with local residents and businesses, and my recent appointment as Presiding Member of the Disability Access and Inclusion Committee, my personal submission reads as follows:

1.  That a qualified disability access consultant be included on the design and implementation team.

2.  That the design meets the State Government Access Guidelines for Information, Services and Facilities, from the Disability Services Commission, 2012, and any other document which assists disability access inclusion. Read more here…

3.  External building materials are of a quality that naturally patina with age, typical of materials found in existing buildings of Subiaco. (Aluminium doesn’t patina with age nor does concrete!)

Subiaco building materials patina with age

4.  A mix of roof shapes be included in the design, including at least one pitched roof which is typical of Subiaco’s original building character.

5.  Street level frontage to appear as “small shop fronts” instead of long horizontal glass which is not typical of buildings on Subiaco’s main roads.

6.  The current design looks like a large industrial building from Osborne Park. The West Australian newspaper building is similar.  The design should show case Subiaco’s charm and character.

7.  The MRA seek funding from the State Government to open Subiaco Road on to Haydn Bunton Drive to cater for school drop-off and Pick-up times.

8.  The MRA seek funding from the State Government to change Roberts Road and Hay Street into two-way traffic to help with traffic congestion from this development and PMH.

9.  The MRA seek funding from the State Government to light Coghlan Road for pedestrian safety and security, and the night security of the new College.

10.  The MRA consider retrofitting the existing oval grandstands for education services, sporting codes and some retail/commercial outlets to service the proposed multi-storey developments on Subiaco Road.

To make a submission before 5 May 2018 click here….

Cr Julie Matheson

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