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2018 what a year!

January 2018

The newly elected Subiaco Council voted to go behind closed doors to cancel Subiaco Council’s 99 year Vesting Order over Subiaco Oval and Kitchener Park since 25 March 1998 without any compensation or funding from the lease agreement with WA Football Commission, and replace it with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).  Crs Matheson, Stroud, Richardson, and Mummery voted against.

The MOU “would protect Subiaco from any risks or liabilities in relation to the WAFC lease”.  If a “delay on agreement to the MOU, the state is likely to proceed with the finalisation of the planning and construction of the Inner City College and the master planning of the precinct may well proceed without the City of Subiaco’s input into the process”, the Officer wrote. Ref WSW 31/1/2018

Subiaco residents’ favourite urban planner, Mr Linley Lutton, passes away on 7 January 2018 age 64.

February 2018

The first of many by-elections is called for the seat of Batman by-election after David Feeney is unable to confirm he renounced his British citizenship.

State Government announces an auction of Subiaco Oval’s infrastructure will be held with the WA Football Commission promising the money raised would be pumped into grassroots football.

A Responsible Authority Report on 22 Bishop Street Jolimont comes back to Council with an officer’s recommendation to approve without the applicant addressing the excess plot ratio, traffic management, and parking.  Council vote to amend the RAR with conditions to cover some of the concerns raised by residents.

March 2018

David Caddy former senior director of The Planning Group (TPG+Place Match) is appointed Chairman of the WA Planning Commission. Ref Business News 1/3/2018

Anonymous SAVE ME signs go up on Kitchener Park trees which were originally planted in 1901.  Protection of trees was not included in Council’s MOU with the State Government.

Mayor Taylor calls for respect, “How we behave determines what the character of Subiaco is truly like”, ref. The Post Newspapers 3/3/2018

State Government approves the State Heritage listing of Subiaco Oval including the AFL playing surface, lights and grandstands, ref. ABC News, 15/3/2018

Colin Barnett’s resignation from parliament causes the Cottesloe by-election. Candidate former mayor of Mosman Park Ron Norris receives nearly 10% of the vote, a first for the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY.

Subiaco Council supports a new roundabout in Shenton Park against the recommendations of Nedlands council staff, ref The Post Newspapers, March 2018.

Mayor Taylor announces “Subiaco was more than ready to have a new modern mayor in the role”, ref. The Post 31/3/2018.

Almost 2,500 people sign a petition against a proposed amendment 35 to the Subiaco Council’s Town Planning Scheme No. 4, ref. WSW, 16/3/2018

Save Subi residents group is formed.

The CEO of Subiaco, Don Burnett, resigns.

April 2018

Banking Royal Commission commences.

The WA Planning Commission propose a new Local Planning Scheme for the City of Subiaco with a density increase of 9,000 new dwellings, 3,000 more than the proposed new LPS 5 under the former council led by Mayor Heather Henderson.

Subiaco business identity Ron Smales passes away.

St John of God Hospital celebrates 120 years of caring in Subiaco.

Former Mayor Heather Henderson is made Freeman of Subiaco.

Lake Jualbup (located in Shenton Park) permanent water and infrastructure works completes after Council approved $1.4 million for the project back in 2016.

Cr Matheson’s EMM to place a plaque in front of 98 Hamersley Road, Subiaco in memory of Lt Cliff Sadlier and his Victoria Cross medal on ANZAC Day is completed.

May 2018

Four federal lower house MP’s resign because they had not taken reasonable steps to meet Section 44 of the Constitution of Australia.

Mayor Taylor makes a public statement calling the Subiaco Council, led by former Mayor Heather Henderson, and residents ‘foot-stampers‘, ref Subiaco Council Meeting 28 May 2018, and Post Newspapers 2 June 2018.

The MRA takes control of Subiaco East, and calls for submissions on the State Government’s proposed four storey inner city college on Kitchener Park.

Save Subi residents protest the WA Planning Commission’s draft LPS5.

June 2018

Subiaco Council approves a rate increase of 5.12% from $22,554,610 to $23,711,120 for next financial year 2018/2019 with a proposed profit of $1,728,907. Ref Council Meeting 12 June 2018

Darling Range by-election candidate former TV producer and presenter Russell Goodrick receives 6% of the vote and nearly beats the Greens in first preference votes for the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY.

Mayor Taylor proposes a public cultural attraction to the State Government as part of the redevelopment of Subiaco Oval precinct. (The public cultural attraction does not form part of the MOU.) Ref Council Meeting 12 June 2018

Rokeby South Community Vision document is released by the residents of Save Rokeby South

July 2018

Subiaco Council Meeting of 10 July 2018 is “cancelled as there is no business to be transacted.

Super Saturday federal by-elections held in the divisions of Braddon, Fremantle, Longman, Mayo and Perth with Labor winning Perth, Fremantle, Braddon, and Longman.

Cr Matheson’s amendments to the State Government’s Green Paper on Planning in WA are approved including: add a definition of Urban Character, review of Local Government schemes to be stopped until Green Paper review is completed, and local housing strategy to be informed by the Strategic Community Plan of each council.

Subiaco Council approves the purchase of a $14.5million Kewdale property, ref: WSW 5/7/2018

Nedlands Council say No to WA Planning Commission’s Draft Local Planning Scheme 3.

August 2018

The entire state of NSW is in drought.

The Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is replaced by Scott Morrison becoming the 30th PM of Australia.

Pavilion Markets site sold to Paul Blackburn.

Cr Matheson’s EMM to review Council’s Delegated Authority for planning decisions is rejected by Council.

Mayor Taylor requests Councillors to sign an Affidavit of confidentiality, ref. Post Newspapers 11/8/2018

Subiaco Council appoints Subiaco council director Rochelle Lavery as CEO.

State Government commences consultation on Local Government Reform.

The WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY is registered with the Australian Electoral Commission to represent the best interests of Western Australia in state and federal parliaments.

September 2018

Landcorp initiates an application to the MRA to demolish the entire Subiaco Oval precinct including grandstands, light towers, parking, Eagles’ gymnasium shop and club rooms, Kings Squash Courts, and the heritage listed AFL playing surface.  Subiaco Council votes in favour to demolish. Ref: Council Minutes 18/9/2018

Mayor leads Subiaco voting bloc: analysis names “Penny Taylor, Jodi Mansfield Matt Davis, Derek Nash, Judith Gedero and Peter McAllister most often appear together when votes are taken, often along with councillor Murray Rowe”, ref. The Post 15/9/2018

West Coast Eagles win another AFL Grand Final from their home base at Subiaco Oval.

Cr Jodi Mansfield with the assistance of Peyton Report lodges a Minor Breach Complaint against Cr Julie Matheson claiming she secured a personal advantage and disadvantaged others when she wrote a Letter to the Post Newspapers alerting the community to some of the recent conduct of their council.

Subiaco ratepayers lose their Supreme Court battle with the City of Subiaco over Cr Rowe’s Elected Member’s Motion to extend the non-conforming use for “a property vacated by Ronald McDonald House Charities to be used by Fresh Start“.  Ref: The West 23/8/2018

Save Subi circulates a petition to the State Legislative Council seeking a parliamentary probe to investigate the process used in LPS5 that increases dwelling density by 50%, ref. The Post 29/9/2018

October 2018

Subiaco Council changes parking fees in the Town Centre with 400 affordable long-term parking options and short-term parking lower to $1.80 per hour. Ref: News 30/10/2018

Niki’s Tram is launched with volunteer drivers providing passengers with a tour of Subiaco and a hop on hop off service.

Subiaco Council launches a new grant program for business owners with $30,000 available to support existing businesses that wish to expand and new operators that will contribute to business diversity and help improve Subiaco. Ref Subi Council Media News 19/10/2018.

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s NSW Federal seat of Wentworth by-election is won by independent Kerryn Phelps.

Cr Matheson’s EMM for the Mayor and CEO to hold a meeting with businesses in the Hay Street East End is held where Cr Matheson presents a list of opportunities including: reopening PMH car park, repurposing empty buildings, cut red tape and fees, business cross promotion, artists to create an entry statement on PMH fencing, and a traffic management plan for the area.

Mayor Taylor proposes the Health Department partner with the City of Subiaco to provide parking solutions for King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH) and QEII Medical Centre staff, patients and visitors.  Under the city’s proposal, the City of Subiaco would provide underutilised car parks near the former Princess Margaret Hospital for hospital staff and the North Metropolitan Health Service would provide a shuttle bus for staff. Ref Subi Council Media News 13/10/2018

November 2018

Gag has them gasping” on Cr McMullen’s LPS5 motion after “councillor Matt Davis, looking at notes, abruptly moved a motion to gag debate.  His motion was quickly seconded by councillor Jodi Mansfield” and supported by  “Councillors Derek Nash, Murray Rowe, Judith Gedero – and Ms Taylor all voted to shut down debate immediately, passing it 6/5“. Ref Post Newspapers, 17/11/2018

Mayor Taylor said “the council supported Cr Rowe’s motion [on LPS5] because [it] promised community certainty and a clear direction of Subiaco’s Scheme and Strategy process”.

Mayor Taylor has coffee with Minister for Planning Rita Saffiotti.  The Minister “slams Subi Nimbys… It’s complete refusal to accept that other people should live in their suburbs”. Ref The Post 24/11/2018.

A new Save Subi petition signed by 2,139 people opposed to local planning scheme 5 and calling for an investigation into density targets was submitted to Parliament’s Upper House.  Ref. Post Newspapers 24/11/2018.

A DAP approved development at St Ives Retirement Village in Jolimont is abandoned after a copy of the Certificate of Title included in the DAP application was found to exclude 22 Bishop Street Jolimont as it did not contain the wording of “Memorial: Retirement Villages Act 1992”.

Cr Matheson’s amendments to the Corporate Business Plan are rejected including: new signage Welcome to Subiaco on all major entry roads, signage to identify historic locations, eg trees from Gallipoli, free parking, visitor directional signage at train stations and major road intersections, and funding to develop Character Precincts and updating Subiaco data from ABS population projections for Perth .

The MRA approves Landcorp’s application to demolish the State Heritage listed Subiaco Oval.

December 2018

Subiaco electors pass a motion of No Confidence in Mayor Penny Taylor at the Annual General Meeting of electors, ref Post Newspapers, 8/12/2018.

Paul Murray writes an opinion piece in The West on Councils gagging elected members using WALGA’s model communication policy, 8/12/2018.

“Favoured Subi Ward option trashed… without giving reasons, a majority of Subiaco councillors this week shot down another attempt to install the local voting boundaries that most people want – three-ward council with 12 councillors.” Post Newspapers 15/12/2018

Cr Bill Hassell of Nedlands Council claims “these sorts of council rules (curtail freedom of speech by councillors) are upheld by threats of reports to the Local Government Standards Panel”, ref Post Newspapers 15/12/2018

Seats from Subiaco Oval could end up at the new development planned by Paul Blackburn for the Pavilion Market site, ref. Post Newspapers 15/12/2018

– Ends –

Thank you for reading my website.  If there are any omissions, factually incorrect information or errors in this post, please let me know and I will correct and republish.

Cr Julie Matheson






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