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CFP Business Specialist | Local Government Expert | Community Advocate

Julie Matheson for the Senate

Thank you for visiting my website.

This Federal Election is a Melbourne Cup event, any candidate can be a winner with the right conditions on the day!

I am a proud Western Australian, but also a proud Certified Financial Planner of more than 30 years.  My campaign to win a Senate seat from WA is to protect the retirement plans of every Australian from detrimental changes to Superannuation, insurance, property investments, family trusts and franking credits.  Read more>>>

My other reason for standing is to stop the rising costs of water, electricity, registration, stamp duty and other taxes by campaigning for a per capita share of the GST.  Other states receive a per capita share of the GST, balance their budgets, and pay off debt, but not in WA.

This graph shows why:

Claim back the missing billions GST

Since 2008, WA has suffered from a lack of funding from Canberra, it even paid for it’s own new Perth Stadium while Queensland and Victoria received millions of dollars in hand outs for their sports stadium.  In the past 10 years electricity prices have gone up 100% and Watercorp makes a Billion dollars in profit this year.

Without political engagement, you the electors of WA will continue to be low hanging fruit for the government to charge you whatever it likes, while our GST funds the budgets of other states.  It’s an outrageous imbalance.

If you vote for the same old eastern states parties, you will be treated unfairly again by State and Federal governments for another three years.

So change your vote


in the lower house and the Senate.

Thank you.

Please make a tax deductible donation here>>>>

Authorised by Julie Matheson | Ruby Hutchison House Subiaco WA 6008 |

Contact:  0409 294 495 | e: wa@westernaustraliaparty.org.au |

w: westernaustraliaparty.org.au

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