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Vote of No Confidence in the Mayor

There have been three calls for a vote of no confidence in Mayor Penny Taylor.  The first was at the December 2018 Annual Elector’s Meeting, the second was at the Annual Elector’s Meeting in December 2019 and the most recent was at the Special Elector’s Meeting on 24 February 2020.

2020 Feb 1 Taylor vote of no confidence, Post Newspapers

In my personal opinion each time this issue comes up Mayor Penny Taylor deflects motions as having no legal effect or to diminish her standing.  She has never conceded her mistakes or expressed any contrition that her conduct is not up to community standards and expectations.

2020 Feb 24 no confidence Mayor Response

The Post Newspaper has revealed over the past two years why there is no confidence in Mayor Penny Taylor:

  • During her election campaign she made promises directly to residents
  • Some of her statements at Council meetings are demeaning to those present in the public gallery
  • She chastises residents and former elected members calling them names such as “foot stampers”
  • So far she has failed to negotiate compensation or funding from the State Government for cancelling the Vesting Order or the 99 year lease contract with WA Football Commission over Subiaco Oval Reserve
  • She failed to represent the electors of Subiaco in the negotiations for a maximum 6,140 additional dwellings in LPS5
  • Retail and hospitality businesses have been let down by the lack of urgency on the conversion of Hay and Roberts Road to two way traffic
  • Mayor Taylor presided over the failed Peyton Investigation Reports designed to bully, marginalise and intimidate councillors that were not part of her voting bloc during 2018 and 2019.
  • She failed petitioners by locking some of them out of the 2020 Special Elector’s Meeting after she wrote them a personal letter claiming she wanted to hear their concerns.
2020 Feb 24 Special Electors Meeting vote of no confidence

Special Elector’s Meeting 24 February 2020

20181208 Vote of No Confidence in Taylor Annual Electors meeting

Annual Elector’s Meeting December 2018

If there are any omissions, factually incorrect information or errors in this post, please let me know and I will correct and republish.

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