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Let’s restore Subiaco’s heritage

Can I have your support please?

Instead of selling Lords to fund a SMURF^, let’s seek compensation from the State Government to build:

  1. a replica 1908 Subiaco Grandstand* with changerooms for community sporting events
  2. a new modern Pavilion Hall to celebrate sporting culture and heritage
  3. the Sandover Medal Walk# paved from the Subiaco Train Station to the front heritage Gates of Subiaco Reserve (Oval).

What do you think?

So far not one penny of compensation or funding has been delivered to the ratepayers of Subiaco for the loss of the WA Football Commission 99 year lease, more than $100,000 pa car park revenue and Subiaco as the Home of Football in Western Australia.

Why should Subiaco residents, businesses and ratepayers care?

Well for one reason, the WA Football Commission received more than $100 million in compensation so there is precedence.  We’ve gone along with the building of the Bob Hawke College on our Kitchener Park reserve and lost some of our Gallipoli heritage trees as part of the demolition and construction process.  I think the Subiaco community deserves compensation.

What do you think?  Please like and share this graphic on facebook and twitter and write your comments below.  Thank you.

Julie Matheson Subiaco Heritage

^ Shared Multi User Recreational Facility (SMURF)
* This idea came from Sharon Williams, CRG member.
# This idea came from Ross Carson, CRG member


One comment on “Let’s restore Subiaco’s heritage

  1. Julie Matheson
    July 6, 2020

    It’s not up to Subiaco ratepayers to fund the recreational facility and parking shortfalls of the Bob Hawke College. That’s a matter for the State Government.

    Subiaco ratepayers already have the Lords Recreational Centre and have not asked for the facility to be sold to fund new facilities or property investments

    Subiaco ratepayers are concerned that this SMURF proposal will end up like the Lawe Davies Centre. Initially it was shared with Guildford Gramma – with difficulty – but residents feel that it is now probably entirely taken over by the school.

    Residents cannot see how the proposed joint facility could be easily shared, quite apart from the parking/traffic problems.

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